‎Out on the water now getting the new electronics to match reality. At the moment we are living in an alternative reality (apparently).

And so it starts

With Patrick’s arrival at the Goslings party last night, the team is finally assembled. A day on the water to run through the safety list was accomplished, including fitting the emergency rudder – an engineering feat in flat water, so not sure how that would work in reality. Lot’s of chores today, and the plan is for several hours on the water getting the rig tuned for the race and the electronics calibrated. The idea (mine anyway) is to get back to watch England thrash Uraguay in the world cup, but maybe both are wishful thinking.

Your foredeck reporter.

2012-06-18 Newport Race Update


1. Triple Lindy crossed the finish line in the Newport to Bermuda race at 2150 EDT 18 June, completing the fastest Bermuda transit the boat has ever seen. We enjoyed the sailing experience and had a lot of fun with the diverse crew we had aboard. Thanks for your help in getting us ready, and cheering us along the way.

2. Right now, we are transiting from the finish line on the North East side of the island around the Great Sound, and into Hamilton Harbor.


2012-06-17 Newport Race Update

1. Greetings all! It has been a noteworthy day afloat. Triple Lindy cleared the main body of the Gulf Stream by 1800 last night. Our Gulf Stream passage was rough, but presented no problems. The always dynamic stream waters had steep waves, confused cross seas, and several rain squalls. The water had more of a greyish tint, probably due to the cloudy conditions, and we saw numerous flying fish jumping in and out of the waves, one hit Kent in the back but he and Pete were able to bravely wrestle it overboard. Close call!

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2012-06-16 Newport Race Update

1. We had a busy morning keeping Triple Lindy on track headed for our Gulf Stream planned entry point. We expected based on our speed, that we’d get into the Gulf Stream flow at 1300 today. This turned out to be pretty accurate. Between 1100 and 1300 we saw water temps go from low 70’s to 78, and then by 1415 up to 80.6. As you may see on the race tracking site, our speeds reflect an ever increasing push from the Stream (right now we are showing boat speed at 9.2 kts and over ground speed in excess of 11kts. Hooray!

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