Category: 2014 Newport-Bermuda Race

Friday to Saturday 24hr run: 156NM, or avg speed 6.5kts The Triple Lindy gang has been very busy trying out any combination of sails and wind angles to keep moving. In the early hours Saturday we still couldn’t find any appreciable breeze until 0500, when winds gradually filled in a little from ENE. During the mid-morning hours we were making the best speed for the day, until winds died around 1300.

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Newport-Bermuda Day 1

Newport Bermuda 2014 is underway! We departed Newport Shipyard at 1100 this am, checked in with Race Committee, and proceeded down Narragansett Bay to the starting area. The crowds of boats (led, of course, by Triple Lindy’s cheering section onboard Scott Perrin’s “Scott Free”) were all interested in how the fleet would handle the light and variable winds at starting line. Our crew of 10 has been excited to get moving down the course.

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Sailing Drills

19 June: we have all crew aboard for 2014 Newport Bermuda Race and are busy doing tacking drills off Brenton Reef (s of Newport) and instrument calibration.


‎Out on the water now getting the new electronics to match reality. At the moment we are living in an alternative reality (apparently).