Sydney to Hobart Update 2

Subject: Race Day 2 (Tuesday) Lots of sail changes through the night as the breeze shifted and lightened. As the sun came up we found Rory and Joe in the engine changing belts for some reason. This delayed the first coffee of the day to the chagrin of the crew. Breeze eased off until midday when it started building again – we’re currently mid-afternoon running along at 11 knots with an A2 spinnaker, staysail, and full main set. Tonight Boeuf Bourgenoin (Australian spelling). We have developed a routine between sail handling, checking weather, and communicating via the single sideband with the race relay vessel “JBW”. Three times a day, we copy the skeds and provide our position. This gives us insight into the progress of the fleet. As we finish this note (just after midnight), we are about halfway across the entrance to Bass Strait. The winds are moderate and seas just a little lumpy. By noon tomorrow expect to be across the Bass Strait and approaching Tasmania – here’s hoping for fair winds. Crew all happy, not ill, and thankful that Joe includes mental health professionals in the team!
Luv to all Triple Lindy crew