Pre-Race Day 3.5 (for some of us)

Around the world sailors are searching for sailing gear, contemplating a last dash to the shops to buy some more “essentials”, and winding up work all ready for a long haul flight to Sydney. That is apart from the Triple Lindy crew, who are busy emptying bags back into drawers, and considering what to take along that can fit into the space of a small packet of biscuits (or cookies for those linguistically challenged – which is all of them bar one). The new light weight Lindy, means no extra gear, no spare engine, no extra pencil for the navigator, and a strip search before boarding to ensure no one is bringing a spare shirt.

I suspect the first thing we’ll do when getting to the boat will be uncovering hidey holes for smuggling. These will already be filled with Sean and Jay’s gear, but no matter, pirates will win out in the end.

Let the journeys begin (phase 2 anyway)….