Practice makes perfect…

A day of calibrating instruments – until we were arguing about 1/000s of a knot; and putting sails up and down to wear out the crew and practiced shouting at them. This was of course helped by continually dousing them in warm blue water, presumably to stop them from drying out. After several hours of this we headed to berth at the Yacht Club Costa Smerelda, registered and prepared for battle. As there skipper and navigator headed to the briefing, we were given a long list of things to clean and polish, so we headed straight for the bar like naughty schoolboys ducking out of school.
Won everything at the opening cocktail party – best seats, Joe was first for the pasta, and we saw off the so called professionals by barging at there prosecco station. Lindy triumphs again!
Tomorrow racing starts, which will be much less work than the practice.
 Yacht club is stunning as well on case you were interested.