With the arrival of Rab, the crew is assembled and ready for the week of training ahead. Rob came straight from the airport to the boat and off we went to sail miles outside the heads, getting boat speed numbers for various jibs and angles, and had the foredeck deal with the three sails with very different fittings than we are used to. All went well and we wrapped up at 6 with a debrief, followed by giving opinions on how to fix our bowsprit that has developed a bit of a droop. The chap with the boat viagra arrives later, and we’re assured that “the time will be ready” tomorrow morning, and we’ll have “staying power” for the whole race. Failing that maybe boat tinder?
Training and fixing continue tomorrow. We’re heading out for an overnight sail later this week to try out the watch system and sleeping configuration.

Pre-Race Day 8, the crew dribbles in

Air Canada delivered most of the remaining crew today, only Rab is left in the land of moose and maple syrup- he arrives tomorrow. Air Canada should really be one of our sponsors – they are really doing a good job in training our crew for sleep deprivation, which will benefit them in the race. They do this by simply ignoring the pre booked and purchased comfy seats, and slotting them randomly around the plane and in some cases I’m told, in the overhead bins.
Anyhows they arrived and we all head down to the boat like excited schoolchildren. The boat is something else, very well prepared by the amazing Brad, and when unleashed from the dock, became a nervous racehorse. We ran through various jibs and two chutes on this 3 hour introduction sail, and we got a sense of what we had in store. It will be fast, wet, noisy, and did I mention wet. This will be less a sail and more a swim to Tasmania.
As the crew is a mixture of Canadians, Americans, Australians, and an Italian and a Brit/Bermudian, language is a challenge.
Tomorrow the real learning begins.

Pre-Race Day 7 – Report

We weren’t allowed on the boat until 11AM as Brad had a ton of stuff to do and we were just in the way. You know the notices at mechanics garages that says the rate is $75 an hour or $100 an hour if you want to watch! He and Disco knocked a lot down. Boat is coming together.
We sailed at 1PM out the Heads and set the strut… I prefer to call it a hard-hauler. We set the J3 and tried various angles and then added a staysail. Beautiful sailing! A new Ed joined us and Hugo as well! Sam the man was back out and Giancarlo drove much of the inside area. Carla was a runner.
We paced Brad’s dad sailing a Sydney 60 and were faster which was fun. We headed in by 4PM and dropped sails across from the yacht club in an area that was FILLED with party boats and barges. Tons of folks looking to swim with the sharks 😳
Getting ready for the crew party, gotta run, ciao for now!

Joe stirring Raffa’s risotto! From last night.

Not sure about this one!

Brad and Sam loading the square top main headboard for the days sailing!

Carla hiding in the shade!

One of many party barges in full swing! Sailing down wind of these smelled great, hopefully they couldn’t smell us 😳

Nic is coming sailing with us in the next day or two, Joe is selling helming positions 😳
Hot and humid and overcast, but still melted…
Great to meet Ed Cesare, he and Jay hung out and sorted all things Nav. Joe and I butchered various tasks but the list is shorter. Brad sorted through major stuff and Disco and Giancarlo set the fittings in the carbo mast for the reaching strut, a big job. Billy from North Sails spent the morning adding chafe patches and other fixes and adjustments to our upwind sails.
Never made it out sailing as the wind crapped and we had too much stuff to do anyways.
The Clipper boats started arriving, 22 crew each, good golly! We walked downwind of one and oh my, must have been a tough ride.
Pictures to follow: Giancarlo and Disco set the track for the reaching strut on the carbo mast; our new cutlery, a spork… wait for it… titanium; the Clipper yachts have lots of netting to catch helmspersons washing overboard while Joe has gone with simple crew redundancy; Raffa is cooking at the main house tonight with bruschetta, major league prawns and risotto!
Crew party on for tomorrow, sorry some of our Novi riffraff will miss it!