Newport Bermuda Update Sunday PM and Monday

24hr Run Saturday to Sunday 119.5nm= 4.98kts 24hr Run Sunday to Monday 180nm= 7.5kts The remainder of Sunday and into Monday has produced some solid sailing with the warm waters of the Gulf Stream and the low moving out from the coast providing the fuel for more consistent winds. We actually had to reef the main and carry the #2 jib, and experiment with the #3 jib before we settled into a steady routine of 7-9kt sailing. We enjoyed some assistance from the Gulf Stream and the Cold Ring about 40nm below it. With help from the cold eddy we reached speeds of 10.5kts. Triple Lindy shipboard life is now a steady schedule with Joe, Rory, John, Patrick, and Kent on the “Rolex” team, and Sean, Pete, Jay, Rob, and Steve on the “Gunner Watch”. There is a fair amount of good-nature ribbing going on amongst the crew, and we are a happy ship. We have flexed the rotation for each watch, to accomodate weather, sail changes, and the normal fatigue that overcomes everyone at this point in the race. Sunday night’s dinner of scratch-made lamb curry was a delight. This morning, pancakes were the choice for breakfast. The winds abated again this AM, and we have been trying all the tricks in the book to keep the boat moving: constant adjustment of sail settings, flying different sail combinations, and driving to where we think the wind might be, which usually means aiming at the edges of the rain clouds. The water temp is right around 80F, and the boat has been taking enough spray that we have been keeping the hatches closed, so it is a little muggy down below. The skies today have been mostly overcast, and we are powering through 4-6ft swells, with a layer of chop on top of that. We haven’t sighted flying fish today, but there are Portugese man’o war happily sailing by the boat. The fleet is starting to bunch up a bit, and we see numerous boats right around us. As I write this, we are 195nm from Bermuda. It is anyone’s guess what the finish time will be, since the winds are so light. It will probably not be before late Tuesday night,or early Wednesday am.