Day 2 Race Prep (pics) Fastnet 2017

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Day 2 Boat Prep Fastnet 2017

Day 2 of boat prep is underway in driving rain and 35 knots of breeze. The sun briefly showed so we got our battle flag launched for a brief test. 


The prod is on to make our Swan 44 become a Swan 50. Pete proudly leans on it. We probably stripped 1000lbs of gear off the boat so really hoping we don’t need spares during the race. All else is good and our router Paul spent a few hours going over where to go and why and what to avoid. With 400 boats it is going to be busy. Now watching the long range weather and plotting tide gates and other challenges.


Tomorrow is rig tune and sailing, gonna be great, Go Lindy!

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We won!!!!! Not really😎

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