Day 6 – last day.

A coastal day – no more windward leeward! Lightish airs and we have the first start. Good start at the pin end of the line, and shortly after the start with a shifting breeze, put up a reaching chute, which came as a bit of a surprise at the sharp end of the boat! We almost made the rocks but had to do a quick change to jib and back again – light air and we’re already multiple sail changes in. First rounding and we’re on a long reach (chute again) to a little island several miles away. Surrounded by little Swans, and a few mega ones along the way – too cool. Next rounding was back to a jib – different one though to keep us busy, then a long hike to the finish – about 30 minutes of full gut hiking. At one stage the bow crew were trying to get their legs working before they had to get up again – else there’d be a pile of smelly crew at ghe front. The guys at the back already think that is the case.

End of regatta and we put the boat away, bricked all the sails, and headed to the Lord Nelson Pub for what they do best.

Great great regatta, great great people. What more is there to say.

Sardinia-401 Sardinia-402