Category: 2014 Newport-Bermuda Race

ORR Results

ORR results are here.

Triple Lindy (Swan 44 MK2):

  • 7th in Class (15)
  • 33rd in Division (100)
  • 54th ORR Overall (164)

Top third position!


Website Update

Due to the enormous following of Triple Lindy’s adventures on the ocean, the websites have had to be upgraded to standard. Apologies to the growing fan-base for Triple-Lindy and her heroic crew.


Monday PM and Tues updates 23-24 June

24HR Run: Monday 1330-Tues 1330= 132.3nm; avg speed of 5.25kts The final portion of this race is an endurance test to see if we can find wind and somehow get Triple Lindy to the finish. Monday afternoon we had enough wind to make some progress down track, and then things quieted down around midnight. Luckily there was some wind through the early hours of Tuesday, and the morning watch was able to take advantage of the conditions to log some real mileage.

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24hr Run Saturday to Sunday 119.5nm= 4.98kts 24hr Run Sunday to Monday 180nm= 7.5kts The remainder of Sunday and into Monday has produced some solid sailing with the warm waters of the Gulf Stream and the low moving out from the coast providing the fuel for more consistent winds. We actually had to reef the main and carry the #2 jib, and experiment with the #3 jib before we settled into a steady routine of 7-9kt sailing.

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