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Sydney Hobart Day One

Boxing day started out sunny and breezy as the crew headed to the boat in Rushcutters Bay. The club was teeming with sailors loading race boats, navigators dashing to the next weather briefing, and families seeing off their loved ones. The start area of the harbour was cordoned off – 3000+ pleasure boats were out watching the 90 competitors start and head out of Sydney Harbour. The start line was pretty intense as we fought for a good start in the front row, which we managed. Big sloppy seas ensued as we exited the harbour through the “Heads”, set a spinnaker, and settled down for the first night of the race. Sail changes were needed through the night as we made our way down the coast, with a strong breeze astern of us – plus the Eastern Australian Current (from Nemo fame, but no turtles dude!) gave us a couple of knots push. Curry dinner kept us in good spirits as the sun set.
Our first day’s run in these windy conditions, 212NM. Avg speed 8.3kts. A record race pace for Triple Lindy.
Love to all our 3 Lindy family and friends.

Training Day 6 – Saturday

The last day getting ready, tomorrow (crimble day) is a rest day to goof off, and then boxing day is early bubble and squeek (it’s an English boxing day tradition of culinary mastery) then off to sea.


Pete spent the day at the Victoria Hospital undergoing all sorts of tests – in the end they decided I was grumpy and tall. Oh and sinusitis, or was it appendicitis (they just put it is on the end of words to bump up the invoice). So probably gumpyitus. The staff were truly wonderful (nurses and doctors, you really are the best) and I’m now armed with all sorts of sweeties for the trip.


We’re just about to sit down to crimble dinner (on crimble eve), all 35 of us, then tomorrow is a lazy day (well it will be for me – no swimming on Bondi beach this year).


Happy holidays to our followers.


Today was all about a final plan to sail through the start area and out through the Heads plus final safety issues addressed, the briefings and meetings for Fearless Leader and Jay as Captain and Navigator respectively. But the ultimate key plan was to go out and practice not pasting the only reef in the middle of the harbour, not run through the spectator fleet (3,500+ boats) and try and not be over early as they do not inform you that you started prematurely until 5 minutes AFTER the start. Yikes! As the only North American boat there is a little pressure not to pull an epic fail for the adoring Joe worshipers.


But the sail did not happen as we had a rash of illnesses running through the crew and support crew. Alex was out yesterday. Today Casey. Libby continues to be under the weather while Donna has been fighting her own bugs. Johnny was out a few days back but is now feeling better. Pete, who hacked his way through the previous week with a lingering flu was down and out again today and off to hospital under Celebrity Doctor Mele’s direction as Joe’s worry was we would be sailing with two crew, half a navigator, Donald as the new and improved Captain and the rest being whatever Uber drivers we could con onboard. Joe is a BIG hit with the Uber folks given his near-constant press coverage. And last but not least, Kent is now fully repaired after having been attacked by a dock-cart yesterday.


Thankfully Pete’s latest bug is sinusitis and treatable… The boat is now sorted… The safety meetings (very serious here compared to other venues) are done. Many folks seem to be rallying and as we prepare for Christmas dinner here at the Gem for 33 folks… the ham is now done, the veggies all prepped and the anorexic turkeys stuffed to the max. We should be good to go! Michael Buble’ is playing in the living room. The games are all set and a dance/song number or two has been rehearsed.


It should all be good. Tomorrow is actually Christmas but that is reserved for family time and some world famous Bondi Beach time. It is too weird sitting here writing this with Christmas tunes playing, parakeets flying by, a nice Pinot from Tasmania, the final sleds finishing their practice in the distance and so close to MELTING once again.   


Gotta go, folks arriving here, Merry Christmas to all…