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Rolex Middle Sea Race Update Early 23 Oct

Greetings Triple Lindy family and friends. The Middle Sea race is certainly living up to its reputation as an event with beautiful surroundings (and no we don’t mean Giancarlo) and a variety of conditions to test even the most experienced sailors. The crew has enjoyed the atmosphere around Malta, and the sailing has been superb. On Saturday, our start took place in the Great Harbor of Malta. We were able to get good position on the 24 boats in our class (IRC 5). The winds were perfect to sweep us out of the harbor and up the track line to the SE tip of Sicily. By late Saturday afternoon and into Sunday the winds had died out as high pressure dominated the race course. For most of Saturday night we and the rest of the fleet drifted from one zephyr to the next, hoping for just enough wind to keep our momentum. Sunday we started moving and were able to make good progress up the east side of Sicily and headed for the SW tip of Italy. The coast of both Sicily and Calabria were gorgeous. We tacked very close to the beach in Calabria, avoiding the current running against from the Strait of Messina. We used Giancarlo’s local knowledge to great advantage, staying clear of adverse current flow until it was time to exit the Strait. The sun was setting as we pushed through some patches of light air north of the Strait en route to the island of Stromboli. While in the Strait, Joe, Johnny and Kent practiced their sailmaking while applying a patch to the bottom of the heavy #1 jib.
Sunday evening the forecast winds associated with a front coming across the course pushed us along to our mark at Stromboli. Even in darkness, some steam rising from the volcano was evident.
Saturday evening meal: Beef Stew Sunday evening meal: Lamb Stew.
Thanks to all the Triple Lindy gals for the superb provisioning.
Love to all, Triple Lindy Crew

The Straits of Messena

Day 2 and made good progress through the night in very little breeze. Goose winging the wind seeker sail worked well despite Sean’s hatred for the sail. Running up the channel between Sicily and Italy has been great sailing with great views of shoreside villages, towns and of course Mt Etna This evening have our sights on Stromboli for our next mark of the course, and expecting Mistral big breeze at midnight.

Ready for the off

Lovely crew dinner with the ever fabulous support team in the heart of old Valetta. Weather this morning looks promising for a reaching start in the Grand Harbour under the cliffs. All looks very tight for 120 racing yachts. Looking forward to a safe and fast rounding of Sicily.


The Maltese invasion is underway

Bags are being packed, boarding passes are being printed, and journeys started to get the crew and support team to Malta in time for this weekend’s Rolex Middle Sea Race. The race is Malta to Malta, which makes it very easy for the navigator, and saves the support team the logistical challenge of moving.

For the last 8000 years, Malta has had to deal with the Phoenicians, Romans, Moors, Normans, Sicilians, Spanish, Order of St. John, French and British. It will not have prepared them for the Triple Lindy circus.


Follow our latest adventure on the race tracker (Start is Saturday October 21st at midday).



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