and so it starts….

The Triple Lindy circus is now in town – all crew have made the small plane flight into BVI, and worked out where Joe had hidden the villas. Today was a weight saving day – Triple Lindy is now floating higher than even before as toolbox after toolbox and spare rope after spare rope were brought ashore, now tucked away at one of the villas. A practice sail was had, which proved how much we needed a practice. Doing that again first thing tomorrow.
For the bow things got off to an inauspicious start, as after casting off the lines – the boat pulled out without him. Much fuss ensued, and the helm confirmed it wasn’t his fault. Sails were raised and reefs put in (blowing 20 ish), and off we went. The heavy spin made an appearance as we surfed down towards Tortola. Eventually we wrestled the chute below, and stared a long and very wet beat home. Four hours on the water – a good day.
A certain amount of banter has commenced, with Jay taking a hit for not finding the house keys; Scotty for being so neatly dressed; and the rest of the crew for being so disappointing in lacking talent. Same old….
The transport is different – one of the hire cars is a pickup truck / local bus. It has the advantage of making the crew a bit of spare cash as they drive around the island. This almost makes up for its inability to go up hills. The other car wants to be minibius when it grows up.
I’be been instructed not to use the phrase “kitchen roll”as it is confusing the crew – sigh. I am allowed to use the phrase, "by jove, you chaps at the back sure are talented” – can’t see how to work that into a conversation though.
And finally from the villa by the water, there’s either an invasion of Necker Island underway, or some one spent a lot of money on fireworks.