Nic is coming sailing with us in the next day or two, Joe is selling helming positions 😳
Hot and humid and overcast, but still melted…
Great to meet Ed Cesare, he and Jay hung out and sorted all things Nav. Joe and I butchered various tasks but the list is shorter. Brad sorted through major stuff and Disco and Giancarlo set the fittings in the carbo mast for the reaching strut, a big job. Billy from North Sails spent the morning adding chafe patches and other fixes and adjustments to our upwind sails.
Never made it out sailing as the wind crapped and we had too much stuff to do anyways.
The Clipper boats started arriving, 22 crew each, good golly! We walked downwind of one and oh my, must have been a tough ride.
Pictures to follow: Giancarlo and Disco set the track for the reaching strut on the carbo mast; our new cutlery, a spork… wait for it… titanium; the Clipper yachts have lots of netting to catch helmspersons washing overboard while Joe has gone with simple crew redundancy; Raffa is cooking at the main house tonight with bruschetta, major league prawns and risotto!
Crew party on for tomorrow, sorry some of our Novi riffraff will miss it!

Today was another awesome day dodging a 470 regatta, a Finn regatta, a Laser regatta, a 49er regatta, and of course the usual ferries and tour boats, cruise ships and general yachtie folks including others trying to practice. Sailing in Sydney Harbour is like a bad chess game trying to avoid contact, perhaps 3D chess is more accurate. Anyhow, we survived. We hadn’t seen the J5 or A5 yet and it was blowing so we threw in a single reef and the J5 performed well… will be good in a blow.
Then we dodged our way through the millions of other boats and gybed south towards the bridge and hoisted an A5. This Sail has got the be 2oz cloth and very heavy but Brad says in 30 knots that will be the call. As we headed south the winds puffed more and we started to fly. SI much power and Lindy just levels out and become hyper-wheel sensitive. We just about wiped out once while Captain Joe was at the wheel but he managed to hit 17.5 knots. Big grins all round. By now we were running out of race track and the kite had to come down. Joe returned to his normal pit position and promptly dropped the kite in the tide (as Brad likes to call the sea). No damage other than a salty sail and unfortunately no shrimp for the Barbie 😃
Then back to port to work through the list… a cold beer helped with the heat, it was strength zapping! Thankfully Tori drove us back to the house to avoid breakheart hill, a real killer, then a swim and other libations. All fine!

Pics are Captain Joe hitting 17.5 knots, Joe up the rig, a picture of our VERY expensive sprit being protected by a 1$ grocery bag (we are taking up a lot of marina space!)

Pre-Race Day 3.5 (for some of us)

Around the world sailors are searching for sailing gear, contemplating a last dash to the shops to buy some more “essentials”, and winding up work all ready for a long haul flight to Sydney. That is apart from the Triple Lindy crew, who are busy emptying bags back into drawers, and considering what to take along that can fit into the space of a small packet of biscuits (or cookies for those linguistically challenged – which is all of them bar one). The new light weight Lindy, means no extra gear, no spare engine, no extra pencil for the navigator, and a strip search before boarding to ensure no one is bringing a spare shirt.

I suspect the first thing we’ll do when getting to the boat will be uncovering hidey holes for smuggling. These will already be filled with Sean and Jay’s gear, but no matter, pirates will win out in the end.

Let the journeys begin (phase 2 anyway)….


Pre-Race Day 4 – Report

Today was excellent!!! Twig picking in the morning then out sailing for most of the middle of the day. Winds were supposed to come up to 25 knots in the afternoon so we practiced early. We got the heavy 4 up and sorted trim and hoist numbers. We then ran all the halyard lock tests successfully and moved to main halyard marking for the 3 reef points. By time we completed our tasks while dodging various ferries, police boats, Finn regattas with Jimmy Spithill in attendance we were out the Heads. One last boat approached on starboard doing 30 knots… a fully foiling tri-maran… couldn’t have avoided them if I wanted to. They had coach and press boats chasing them as well so sort of busy, reminded me of last year’s Joe Mele International press operations 😳
So out of the heads with all sorted and we turned to come back in. Sam had joined us for the day which helped so we launched the FRO… nice sail for heavier weather than we had. Dodging the busy Harbour traffic we hit easy 12 knots in 14 knots of breeze. You can just feel the potential of this boat when the wind loads us up… no such thing as hull speed limitations for the new Lindy.
We gybed our way down Sydney Harbour with the FRO, something we wouldn’t ordinarily do as we typically have a kite up. The runners are tricky to sort when off the wind with the square topped main… will need to watch that. We finally cleared a large 470 regatta and gybed over and ran under the Sydney Harbour bridge with the staysail up. Testing went great and we headed in for lunch and a cold one. Then back to he boat to load the PLBs in the new Spinlock life vests. Then crew roster numbers were added to the crew extra gear bags mounted on the keel trunk. Joe put a pair of socks and a Lindy vest in his and it was full. Be warned, we are looking for a spot for sea boots to be stored while not being worn, fingers crossed.
Crew provisioning on for tomorrow. Rafa thinks the freeze-dried spaghetti is an offence to Italian culture 😃 Looking at the usual power bars, fresh fruit and the like along with a decent main once a day. Need to keep regular while sitting to pee with a crash helmet and seat belt on… good grief!
A few pics from today, boat is awesome, can’t say it enough!!!!
A rare photo of Joe actually doing something!
Carla working port runner!
Heading for Harbour Bridge while prepping for the staysail!
Our nuclear powered heavy 4!
Luckiest driver alive!
Late afternoon with iconic backdrop!
The famous Stevens designed Dorade!
And that was the day. We moved slips again today and we are now next to a Volvo 70… looks sort of tankish to me! 😎